Off The Map With Miss Amy
Music Review - Thanks For Your Consideration!

“Angels Riding Shotgun sucked me in like a powerful drug refusing to let go long after it was over"
Drew Blackwell, Indie Artists Alliance

"The latest 12 track CD from Off the Map with Miss Amy is a real barnburner of a release. It's a rock solid and highly entertaining CD from start to finish. The songwriting – all consistent musical experiences, each one possessing a unique personality, flair, and signature grooves."
Indie Music Digest, Cyrus Rhodes - Pick Of The Week

“Miss Amy always made music that kids can rock out to, but what about the adults? Finally, here's an album for the parents-a smart look at life with messages of finding your way without a road map and using your heart as a guide! Even better: it's an Americana fiesta you can groove to, particularly the title-song, "Off the Map," and the country-infused track, "Angels Riding Shotgun." Perfect for a long drive or a journey into the adult mind!”
Michele Angermiller, The Hollywood Reporter

“The soulful side of Miss Amy combines with a worthy cast for an album of holistic-themed, smoking, country-tinged tunes!”
Victoria Davis, WDVR DJ, The Lowdown

“There’s a funky, happy quality that Off the Map brings on stage…When listening to Off the Map, a few things are obvious: They’ve got talent and spunk, and they are having a whole lot of fun doing what they do best. The energy extends over to their live shows, and it’s infectious!”
Lisa Rich, The Trenton Times